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When a user in Encompass has become locked out of their account either through too many incorrect password entries or otherwise, it can sometimes be time consuming to find that user in Encompass’s Company Hierarchy to re-enable their account and change their password.


The User Unlocker tool in Lender Toolkit’s PowerTools™ is an easy to use method of unlocking user accounts that have had their ability to Login suspended. This could be due to incorrect password entry or being explicitly disabled by an admin. This tool helps expedite the process by minimizing the time used to search for a user in the company hierarchy and re-enable them using Encompass’s settings in an attractive and easy to use interface.

This tool can also be opened at the beginning of the day and left open for a designated employee to use throughout the day, depending on how many user unlock requests are submitted.


By providing admins with an easy to use and quick-access tool to unlock users, they can spend less time maintaining user accounts and more time enhancing your Encompass environment, or solving mission-critical procedural issues and regulatory/efficiency customizations.