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As Encompass Administrators, we regularly hear reports about slow loading times or business rules not triggering when we expect them. Pinpointing the business rules, calculated fields, or other customizations that affect latency can be almost impossible. Sometimes the only way to figure out what is going wrong is to enable EllieMae’s debugging and send it to them to help you analyze everything.


The Loan Debugger Pro edition for Encompass360 in Lender Toolkit’s Toolshed is a powerful debugging tool that will show almost every event that happens in Encompass in chronological order. It will nest related events if they are all caused by the same business rule, track events that happen before or after loan opening and closing, show the milliseconds that it takes for an operation to complete, list errors that are occurring without anyone knowing, and more! Loan Debugger is the best Encompass debugging tool for finding where issues are in your environment.


By providing detailed, yet easy to understand information about events and errors in Encompass, Administrators will be able to easily pinpoint which rules and calculations are taking the longest without having to simply guess. They can also find issues before anyone might report them, and can take powerful actions to improve system performance and reliability.